Oysters, et al – Eatopia Doha


At QR 9 a piece, it is still a steep price to pay but it’s better than L’Wazaar’s QR 16 pricing. The oysters, as they should be, tasted ick-ily yummy.

All other offerings at the resto though remained wanting, of what, that’s something you have to figure out for yourself as well. I went there one time with officemates and C ordered the calzone.The calzone was made fresh, I unfortunately do not have a photo of it since I lost some photos when I transferred phone files. The second time E and I visited eatopia to ‘eat’ oysters, E ordered the beef fajitas and they were forgettable. I wanted to order something from the salad bar, but after the choles-laden oyster, my taste buds demand something unhealthy from the menu.



That said, I have to tell you about the view outside of eatopia, this:


Even with construction sites popping here and there, west bay is spectacular mid-afternoon, right about the time you tried to prod the imaginary office clock to run faster so you can go home and rest your tummy filled with oysters. 🙂


Before I came to Doha, I’ve had this pre-conceived idea about what the place would look like. I thought, that apart, from the famous skyline on google images, I’d get to see camels and falcons and cactus if I venture out of the ‘city’. It turns out, I won’t easily see any of these even after 2 – 3 hours driving out in the ‘country’. I’d sparsely see a camel, much less a herd, roaming around the desert. No falcons abound as well, a lot of doves though, seeking refuge and shelter from the sweltering heat of the sun. Sometimes, the birds will even faint and smash itself on your car window. Cactus, though, the normal dusty kind, you’ll catch a glimpse of, on your way to Al Khor or Messaieed or Dukhan, even. But look at these cacti from Sidra (Woqod Station), they’re sold in tiny pots and they’re quite lovely to look at:


Who knew cacti could be this pretty and colorful? I sure didn’t.

In and around Doha, Qatar

Last weekend, my housemates wanted to go on a short road trip to Al Khor, I haven’t been there for quite some time so it was a welcome break from work and the monotonous laundry and house chores which would normally occupy my days.  We went to Al Khor and drove around. We ate at Pearl of Beirut (which is now owned by an Indonesian and a Filipino). I loved Pearl of Beirut but E and I stopped going there since the change of ownership –as you can no longer buy fresh from the market and have it cooked inside the resto.  If I may say so, the food quality has gone down a notch lower than before. But Al Khor is always a good place to go to get out of the city. It is quite near (30-45 minutes drive) and hanging out by the shore seems like a good choice on a not so hot friday morning.

Then on Saturday, E & I drove around bank street in Doha before going to the office to work over time.

I’ve taken good phone photos so I am sharing with all of you the weekend that was in and around Doha: