Oysters in L’wazaar Doha



My housemate was in one of her ‘must-eat’ days. Even if she’s not pregnant, the entire house would normally attend to her whim because she’s our boss. Haha.  So this time, she wanted to eat oysters. These oysters are priced at QR 16 per shell! Ridiculously expensive. We downed eight of them and promised to be back for some more.

Taste do change. When I was working in the Philippines, I remember there were eat-all-you-can oysters restaurants in Cebu, they would just charge 150-200php (QR10-20) for an eat-all-you-can meal. And I remember avoiding the oysters table like the plague. Now I wish I hadn’t. I didn’t know then how expensive these babies are this side of the world.

So anyway, these oysters were eaten raw and they were sweet – pungent but sweet. 🙂

Laduree – Doha

Laduree Macarons

There was a time when I couldn’t get enough of macarons. Even before it became an ‘in’ thing to eat or even before I learned of its significance to the underbelly of pastry whisperers.

In cebu, at Php 40-45 a pop, it’s quite expensive as it already was. Then here in Doha, there was Le Notre (not that interesting), then there was the huge Paul macarons (easy to forget).. then came Laduree.  I think I dragged E down to the luxury brand section of villagio back when the shop first opened. I just had to have Laduree. Since, I heard it was incredible, it came from Paris and it’s the macarons of all macarons. Haha. Yes, I am gullible. But then it was, or perhaps my perception of it was.  I swallowed 10 macarons at QR 10 a piece the very first time I chanced upon it. E was like — “it’s not that special..” and I had to force feed him every half of my macaron just to make him change his mind. But alas he didn’t. I have to agree it is expensive.. But I guess, some experiences are priceless. wink.


The shop has a wide assortment of macarons and macaron boxes (which you have to pay for as well, depending on sizes, the price varies). It also serves food apart from the pastry displays. They have a sitting area in the middle of the mall. How do they term this —mall al fresco?



Last week would have been the third time I’ve bought those damn macarons just to help me remember what’s special about it. It is in fact the macarons of macarons, confirmed. Next time though, I want to try other items on the menu. I heard it’s good. How to convince E?

The Butcher Shop and Grill – Doha

short ribs
short ribs


Before we discovered Outback Steakhouse, our go-to-meat restaurant has been the butcher shop. Not for the steak but for the short stack ribs.  This is probably our tenth / fifteenth visit or somewhere in between. You get the appetizers, a sizable stack of ribs and pretty excellent service (on a lucky day).

Last week, as E is still on his avoid-poultry-seafood diet, we opt to eat out and splurge (owing to work stress perhaps). Since an unplanned fast was made the previous night, we were both starving by noon time. I ordered the short stack ribs, then the server who was a kabayan (filipino) informed us that there was a promo for their rib eye steak. You can get a 400g rib eye steak for QR 95, instead of a 280g for QR 99. Knowing E, he did not pass up the chance and ordered the 400g rib eye.

rib eye steak
rib eye steak

When the food was served, I was happy with my short stack ribs. And E was obviously disappointed with the rubbery consistency of the bland rib eye steak he ordered. Nonetheless, I halved my order and E somehow was comforted. We had to keep in mind never again to order the rib eye steak at the Butcher Shop. But the stack ribs though – still perfect. 😉

Shakespeare & Co.

I may have to edit the best salad in Doha write up I did yesterday. 🙂 The blue cheese and pear salad at Shakespeare and Co. is pure love. It’s filled with all these wonderful flavors that would leave you wanting for more. For me, it isn’t about the blue cheese or the pear, it’s all about the walnuts and raisins and mixed-in almost bitter almost sweet leaves and the amazing dressing it all comes with.


We also tried their rib eye. E is trying to avoid all poultry / seafood to rid himself of all the allergy toxins which cause his skin to flare up. Outback Steakhouse still have the best steak in Doha for me, but the sauce at Shakespeare left E amazed. 🙂 Tangy, sweet and spicy.  That sauce plus outback’s rib eye would cause a welcome explosion in a steaklover’s senses.


The place’s victorian interiors is very interesting. It is a refreshing change from the minimalistic theme most restaurants have these days. But E thinks it’s old-ish.. haha. I had to remind him about Louis VI’s replica room at the MET in new york, it’s chic. haha… I got rolled eyes in response. Oh well. But he told me he enjoyed the food and the sofa and the always-teatime-like ambiance there.



Best Salads in Doha

In my search for the best salads in town, I have come to share with you all the top 4 places where you can get really good salads and get your green in while eating out.

1. Shakespeare & Co. (Dar Al Salam Mall)



This is probably the best salad I’ve tasted in Doha – Blue Cheese and Pear Salad. All of the ingredients blend wonderfully in this concoction. Walnuts, raisins, cranberries, lettuce, blue cheese, pear, etc. The dressing combined everything and will give you a smooth taste in the mouth. 🙂

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Al Mana Tower, Al Sadd)

2014-02-13 12.13.15

The smoked salmon and avocado salad is a must try and so far had been the best on my list. The tastes all come together and for those who have no fish allergies, this salad could be heaven (at least for me, it was). You can also try their nicoise salad with tuna and egg, I loved the taste of that as well.

3. Spicy Pickle (The Gate Mall, West Bay)


Their spinach salad (with walnuts and cheeses and lots of spinach) is a refreshing choice. It fills the stomach and you’ll feel good afterwards. E and I loved eating this during our overtime shifts. Our office is quite near the area.

4. MB Co (The Gate Mall, West Bay)


Presentation wise, the caprese salad E ordered would have been pretty on point. What it lacks in leaves (which E was quite disappointed about), it more than makes up for the presentation. Lol. The cheese is soft and chewy and the tomatoes are quite good.

Outback Steakhouse – Doha

After four hours of walking, E & I decided to eat at the outback steakhouse. It was my first time and I was sort of expecting it to be another applebees or tgif sort of restaurant. The prices were around the same range, but the food exceeded my expectations. I was still full from the late lunch we had with Cebu peeps, but I couldn’t help getting a couple of bites out of the ribeye E and I shared.  It was just a beautiful piece of steak, good for sharing. The steak was huge, and we ordered medium-well consistency –it was perfect. The meat was soft and juicy and full of flavor. We ended the meal with a chocolate thunder (hot brownie topped with cold vanilla ice cream). Value for money: 5 stars. 🙂 Outback steakhouse is located at the lagoona mall, west bay.

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Roasted Pig (Lechon) – Pinoy Style in Doha


My housemate, who is forever skinny and sexy even if she indulges in these kind of cholesterol laden treats, posted a video from youtube on how to make lechon and persuaded us to try this at home. We ate this during the national day.

As everyone knows, in qatar, it is very unlikely for you to be able to find anybody who’d sell pork stuff outside of the authorized Qatar Distribution Center and you need to have a license to be able to buy liquor and pork. So if you’re craving for some home-cooked pork recipe, you have to make it yourself or you have to have a housemate who can cook (in which case, I have one or two housemates / friend who can), haha.

Lechon, or roasted pork, is very much the “it” food from where I came from -Cebu! I could list a number of really good restaurants or made-to-order lechon there and still, that list would not be enough to satisfy any craving one might have. For me, the best lechon is one where the meat completely melts in your mouth, the skin is crispy and there is no actual need for a sauce to dip it in (soy sauce, vinegar or mang tomas).

The lechon my housemates cooked was delicious, tastes almost like home. Spicy, tender and crispy all in one.

We’d be having this again come Christmas time. 🙂