Amidst traffic congestion in salwa road, right beside fauchon and right across Nissan Showroom is Neo. An international fusion restaurant, I knew of Neo initially as a ‘Japanese’ place when an officemate happened to mention it in passing. It is quite pricey compared to Sushiminto and Oishi Sushi. But I love the ambiance.  This would only be the second time I’ve visited the place. The first time,if I remember it correctly, the walls were dark and rustic and there was this huge Jap-kitchen in the center. This time though, E and I had lunch there and I appreciated how much light came in with their new interiors.

We ordered the sushi and sashimi plates and for the price, were quite satisfied. The appetizer – breaded fried cheese was something new to me as well. It was pleasant.







This is quite a late post, but here it is, for anyone who wants to try the eat all you can meat barbecue at Yee Hwa, I say this is a very good deal at QAR 123 per head.  You’ll get unlimited meat slices (beef and chicken mostly), a bulgogi (sweet soup) and the experience and smell of ‘welcomed’ smoke while cooking the meat set. Yee Hwa is located at the Street in between Al Nassr and Al Sadd. It’s primarily a Korean / Japanese restaurant.

We also ordered a plate of tempura and sushi, which was really good as well.

The eat all you can offer is available every monday and wednesday night. You need to call ahead in order to get the best seats and for you to get sure seats. The restaurant gets filled up quickly.  Normally, meat barbecue sets on a regular menu would cost you twice / thrice, depending on how much you can consume.

Photos below:

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2014-11-12 19.33.44

2014-11-12 19.32.19

2014-11-12 19.32.11

2014-11-12 19.42.13

2014-11-12 19.32.22

2014-11-12 19.33.39

2014-11-12 19.30.51

2014-11-12 19.42.50

Sunrise and Ric’s Kounty Kitchen – Doha, Qatar

Went to church this morning and had breakfast at our go-to breakfast place. Saw this beautiful sunrise just outside church.


Ric’s Kounty Kitchen has the hugest servings of breakfast plates. We ordered the lumberjack (the entire meal would set you back by QR73-100, depending on your drinks).  It has steak, potatoes, flat sausage patties, eggs, toast and pancakes. It’s good for sharing.



Sushi Minto – Japanese Resto – Doha, Qatar

I may have eaten dinner in sushi minto a million times simply because Mj loves it there, E loves it there and I (sometimes) love it there. So it’s a wonderful thing that sushi minto opened in Ezdan Mall. E and I went to Ezdan mall last Saturday and saw a corner with sushi minto in it. The place, although much smaller than the one in salwa, has calming interiors (zen,if you must).  We ordered the salmon bento and ‘the’ tempura:



There are a number of Japanese restaurants here in Doha:

1. Oishi Sushi – 4 out of 5 stars for me.
2. Sushiminto – 4 out 5 stars
3. Sakura – 4 out of 5
4. Casper and Gambini (serves Japanese) – 4.5 star for the rolls
5. Neo – 4 out of 5 stars
6. Eatopia – 3.5 stars

Some hotels have japanese / asian buffet. Intercon Hotel (not the city) serves a pretty decent spread. I want to try the one in Marriott Corniche. Maybe one of these days.

I think one can never go wrong with Japanese. Haha. Unless you murdered the hell out of those sashimi and you served a bland roll… Ever since the pre-pack sushi rolls at Carrefour and Megamart, I’ve never tried grocery sushi since. Those were not passable as sushi, carrefour and megamart should never sell sushi (at least, don’t waste your money buying them).

Oysters, et al – Eatopia Doha


At QR 9 a piece, it is still a steep price to pay but it’s better than L’Wazaar’s QR 16 pricing. The oysters, as they should be, tasted ick-ily yummy.

All other offerings at the resto though remained wanting, of what, that’s something you have to figure out for yourself as well. I went there one time with officemates and C ordered the calzone.The calzone was made fresh, I unfortunately do not have a photo of it since I lost some photos when I transferred phone files. The second time E and I visited eatopia to ‘eat’ oysters, E ordered the beef fajitas and they were forgettable. I wanted to order something from the salad bar, but after the choles-laden oyster, my taste buds demand something unhealthy from the menu.



That said, I have to tell you about the view outside of eatopia, this:


Even with construction sites popping here and there, west bay is spectacular mid-afternoon, right about the time you tried to prod the imaginary office clock to run faster so you can go home and rest your tummy filled with oysters. 🙂

Casper and Gambini – Sushi Post – Doha

The best sushi in Doha can be found in Casper and Gambini. I swear. And I’ve dragged a couple of people and converted them to C&G. If you haven’t tried them and you are fond of sushi, then maybe you should go there. Their sushi mixes are pricey though, they are priced around QR 69 – 160 and comes in 3, 6, 12, 18 rolls per serving.




Eatopia – Doha

While trying to squeeze in coffee after lunch, we decided to take a nap at the gate mall parking area. Yes, that’s how we ‘normally’ roll – a thirty minute nap at what appears to be a secluded area in west bay. I wondered why there were a lot of cars in the parking area when normally, getting a spot would only take a few seconds. It turns out, the eatopia at the 3rd level was now open. I discovered this when I can no longer control my bladder and I just had to take a pee inside the mall. Lol.

Eatopia’s a cornucopia of food station, it was such a sight to behold and reminded me of “Eataly” in New York. While Eataly NY offered one delicious gelato, ice cold beer and tapa selection, I have yet to experience Eatopia. Unfortunately, I just came from a heavy lunch that time and E needed to get back to the office real soon.  But I did not leave without taking photos of the new place.

Noodle House – Doha

If you find yourself in need of delicious asian fusion themed restaurant in Doha, Noodle House would be my best bet for you. I personally like, okay love, their wasabi prawns, chicken curry laksa, steamed sea bass and well,fresh dumplings. But this would set you back by at least QAR 100 per person if you go all out and order the best menu items. The dishes are good for sharing though so you can go in groups to spread the cost or get a voucher and get one menu item off the invoice.

So as always, I leave you with photos.

Wasabi Prawns. These are wonderful, believe me. The spice is tolerable so don't let the 'wasabi' name deter you if you're not into spicy things.
Wasabi Prawns. These are wonderful, believe me. The spice is tolerable so don’t let the ‘wasabi’ name deter you if you’re not into spicy things.
Chicken Curry Laksa. I never knew laksa could be this good. :)
Chicken Curry Laksa. I never knew laksa could be this good. 🙂


Steamed Sea Bass. This was pricey but was great as well.  The meat will melt delicately inside your mouth.
Steamed Sea Bass. This was pricey but was great as well. The meat will melt delicately inside your mouth.

Steaks – Romano’s Macaroni Grill



Before watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and after going to church last Friday, the Al Sadd gang (a lame attempt at giving me and my housemates a cool name – I know) decided to use a couple of entertainer vouchers and finally give in to the boss’s cravings. This time, she wanted steaks. So off to eating steaks then.

We found ourselves ordering two rib eyes, one tenderloin and a sirloin steak. We had all of them cooked medium well. After two generous servings of appetizers (a basket of bread and some olives), we were served the steaks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the rib eye steak. The other two, though, were mediocre. I’ve therefore declared that the best steak / part of a cow is the ribeye! If a restaurant can’t do it justice, then that’s like a big resto fail for me from now on.

Which one was better? Outback or macaroni’s? I’m going to say, it’s a tie. Macaroni rib eye steak would set you back by QR 105, but it is good for sharing. The steak was as huge as my head. Considering I said that, believe me — it was huge!