This is quite a late post, but here it is, for anyone who wants to try the eat all you can meat barbecue at Yee Hwa, I say this is a very good deal at QAR 123 per head.  You’ll get unlimited meat slices (beef and chicken mostly), a bulgogi (sweet soup) and the experience and smell of ‘welcomed’ smoke while cooking the meat set. Yee Hwa is located at the Street in between Al Nassr and Al Sadd. It’s primarily a Korean / Japanese restaurant.

We also ordered a plate of tempura and sushi, which was really good as well.

The eat all you can offer is available every monday and wednesday night. You need to call ahead in order to get the best seats and for you to get sure seats. The restaurant gets filled up quickly.  Normally, meat barbecue sets on a regular menu would cost you twice / thrice, depending on how much you can consume.

Photos below:

2014-11-12 19.34.05

2014-11-12 19.33.44

2014-11-12 19.32.19

2014-11-12 19.32.11

2014-11-12 19.42.13

2014-11-12 19.32.22

2014-11-12 19.33.39

2014-11-12 19.30.51

2014-11-12 19.42.50

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