Sushi Minto – Japanese Resto – Doha, Qatar

I may have eaten dinner in sushi minto a million times simply because Mj loves it there, E loves it there and I (sometimes) love it there. So it’s a wonderful thing that sushi minto opened in Ezdan Mall. E and I went to Ezdan mall last Saturday and saw a corner with sushi minto in it. The place, although much smaller than the one in salwa, has calming interiors (zen,if you must).  We ordered the salmon bento and ‘the’ tempura:



There are a number of Japanese restaurants here in Doha:

1. Oishi Sushi – 4 out of 5 stars for me.
2. Sushiminto – 4 out 5 stars
3. Sakura – 4 out of 5
4. Casper and Gambini (serves Japanese) – 4.5 star for the rolls
5. Neo – 4 out of 5 stars
6. Eatopia – 3.5 stars

Some hotels have japanese / asian buffet. Intercon Hotel (not the city) serves a pretty decent spread. I want to try the one in Marriott Corniche. Maybe one of these days.

I think one can never go wrong with Japanese. Haha. Unless you murdered the hell out of those sashimi and you served a bland roll… Ever since the pre-pack sushi rolls at Carrefour and Megamart, I’ve never tried grocery sushi since. Those were not passable as sushi, carrefour and megamart should never sell sushi (at least, don’t waste your money buying them).

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