Al Khor, Qatar Sceneries

Last friday, my ex housemates decided to go to Al Khor and satisfy a number of cravings (seafood and chocolate). It was M’s first time to visit Pearl of Beirut and Al Sultan Hotel.  Al Sultan Hotel, where the infinity pool almost always looks perfect, was magnificent last Friday with the cool weather and all.



Pearl of Beirut is like a mini-dampa (read: small shanty) which offers variety of seafood and asian dishes. I may have cited an Indonesian menu together with Filipino items in the list. The prices are reasonable and the place has become more popular these days. I remember when E and I used to block out our fridays for almost a year back in 2011-2012-ish, the crowd was thinner then and we could drop by the Al Khor fishmarket and have our freshly bought crabs and fish cooked at the restaurant with cooking charge made per kilo. Nowadays, it just seems better to order and go. The line is expected to be longer around 12noon.

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