Treasure Hunt – In and Around Doha

Our company decided to have a treasure hunt. We were given tasks, trivias and checkpoints to figure out. The more tasks and trivia we complete, the more points we will get. It was a fun exercise and I got to look around the surrounding areas with new eyes. Our two checkpoints were at a park beside Sheraton and at the maserati showroom in the Pearl Doha (where all the fancy yachts are). The first four teams to register were given a maserati car to drive for the day.

The Pearl, Doha
Park beside Sheraton
Our team.

Sunrise and Ric’s Kounty Kitchen – Doha, Qatar

Went to church this morning and had breakfast at our go-to breakfast place. Saw this beautiful sunrise just outside church.


Ric’s Kounty Kitchen has the hugest servings of breakfast plates. We ordered the lumberjack (the entire meal would set you back by QR73-100, depending on your drinks).  It has steak, potatoes, flat sausage patties, eggs, toast and pancakes. It’s good for sharing.



Sushi Minto – Japanese Resto – Doha, Qatar

I may have eaten dinner in sushi minto a million times simply because Mj loves it there, E loves it there and I (sometimes) love it there. So it’s a wonderful thing that sushi minto opened in Ezdan Mall. E and I went to Ezdan mall last Saturday and saw a corner with sushi minto in it. The place, although much smaller than the one in salwa, has calming interiors (zen,if you must).  We ordered the salmon bento and ‘the’ tempura:



There are a number of Japanese restaurants here in Doha:

1. Oishi Sushi – 4 out of 5 stars for me.
2. Sushiminto – 4 out 5 stars
3. Sakura – 4 out of 5
4. Casper and Gambini (serves Japanese) – 4.5 star for the rolls
5. Neo – 4 out of 5 stars
6. Eatopia – 3.5 stars

Some hotels have japanese / asian buffet. Intercon Hotel (not the city) serves a pretty decent spread. I want to try the one in Marriott Corniche. Maybe one of these days.

I think one can never go wrong with Japanese. Haha. Unless you murdered the hell out of those sashimi and you served a bland roll… Ever since the pre-pack sushi rolls at Carrefour and Megamart, I’ve never tried grocery sushi since. Those were not passable as sushi, carrefour and megamart should never sell sushi (at least, don’t waste your money buying them).

Catholic Church – Doha, Qatar

E and I decided to go to church this morning. There’s a daily 5.30AM mass and this would be the first time (in almost 5 years) we have attended a mass this early. There were numerous attempts in the past, but I guess we just couldn’t force ourselves to be early risers up until now. That, and the church is only 5 minutes (without traffic) / 20 minutes (with traffic) away from our new house. It feels wonderful to greet the day after being blessed inside the church.

sunrise at the catholic church in qatar
sunrise at the catholic church in qatar
E, going inside the church at 5-ish am.
E, going inside the church at 5-ish am.

Weekend Scenery – Doha, Qatar

We dropped by the office yesterday, Saturday as E had an afternoon meeting. The clouds were beautiful and I had to take photos. I love weekends, specially ones where I make it a conscious choice not to do / think of anything stressful.

ezdan hotel in westbay. my office is right beside ezdan.
ezdan hotel in westbay. my office is right beside ezdan.
Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar
Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar
scenic corniche
scenic corniche

And a shameless selfie from me,


Al Khor, Qatar Sceneries

Last friday, my ex housemates decided to go to Al Khor and satisfy a number of cravings (seafood and chocolate). It was M’s first time to visit Pearl of Beirut and Al Sultan Hotel.  Al Sultan Hotel, where the infinity pool almost always looks perfect, was magnificent last Friday with the cool weather and all.



Pearl of Beirut is like a mini-dampa (read: small shanty) which offers variety of seafood and asian dishes. I may have cited an Indonesian menu together with Filipino items in the list. The prices are reasonable and the place has become more popular these days. I remember when E and I used to block out our fridays for almost a year back in 2011-2012-ish, the crowd was thinner then and we could drop by the Al Khor fishmarket and have our freshly bought crabs and fish cooked at the restaurant with cooking charge made per kilo. Nowadays, it just seems better to order and go. The line is expected to be longer around 12noon.

Fatburger – Doha

Got to try fatburger in Doha. To be honest, the only burger joint that I was very excited to try from the start is “shake shack”. And even now, I still think no burger has beaten shake shack in my list.

Fatburger is a cool place, and their burger offerings are ‘huge’ as well. They have 1/3 to 2 pounder patties. The pricer ange would set you back around QR 25 – 50 depending on the burger size.






Aspire Park – Doha, Qatar

My new phone is great. It can capture very vivid photos and colors. Even during night time and with little light, it is able to pull through. Here’s a photo of the aspire tower / torch hotel, I took this when E and I visited villagio mall right beside the tower a week ago. And yes, the lights in the torch transforms / moves every now and then. There were times when it mimicked fire colors.