Oysters, et al – Eatopia Doha


At QR 9 a piece, it is still a steep price to pay but it’s better than L’Wazaar’s QR 16 pricing. The oysters, as they should be, tasted ick-ily yummy.

All other offerings at the resto though remained wanting, of what, that’s something you have to figure out for yourself as well. I went there one time with officemates and C ordered the calzone.The calzone was made fresh, I unfortunately do not have a photo of it since I lost some photos when I transferred phone files. The second time E and I visited eatopia to ‘eat’ oysters, E ordered the beef fajitas and they were forgettable. I wanted to order something from the salad bar, but after the choles-laden oyster, my taste buds demand something unhealthy from the menu.



That said, I have to tell you about the view outside of eatopia, this:


Even with construction sites popping here and there, west bay is spectacular mid-afternoon, right about the time you tried to prod the imaginary office clock to run faster so you can go home and rest your tummy filled with oysters. 🙂

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