Before I came to Doha, I’ve had this pre-conceived idea about what the place would look like. I thought, that apart, from the famous skyline on google images, I’d get to see camels and falcons and cactus if I venture out of the ‘city’. It turns out, I won’t easily see any of these even after 2 – 3 hours driving out in the ‘country’. I’d sparsely see a camel, much less a herd, roaming around the desert. No falcons abound as well, a lot of doves though, seeking refuge and shelter from the sweltering heat of the sun. Sometimes, the birds will even faint and smash itself on your car window. Cactus, though, the normal dusty kind, you’ll catch a glimpse of, on your way to Al Khor or Messaieed or Dukhan, even. But look at these cacti from Sidra (Woqod Station), they’re sold in tiny pots and they’re quite lovely to look at:


Who knew cacti could be this pretty and colorful? I sure didn’t.

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