Steaks – Romano’s Macaroni Grill



Before watching ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and after going to church last Friday, the Al Sadd gang (a lame attempt at giving me and my housemates a cool name – I know) decided to use a couple of entertainer vouchers and finally give in to the boss’s cravings. This time, she wanted steaks. So off to eating steaks then.

We found ourselves ordering two rib eyes, one tenderloin and a sirloin steak. We had all of them cooked medium well. After two generous servings of appetizers (a basket of bread and some olives), we were served the steaks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the rib eye steak. The other two, though, were mediocre. I’ve therefore declared that the best steak / part of a cow is the ribeye! If a restaurant can’t do it justice, then that’s like a big resto fail for me from now on.

Which one was better? Outback or macaroni’s? I’m going to say, it’s a tie. Macaroni rib eye steak would set you back by QR 105, but it is good for sharing. The steak was as huge as my head. Considering I said that, believe me — it was huge!


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