Oysters in L’wazaar Doha



My housemate was in one of her ‘must-eat’ days. Even if she’s not pregnant, the entire house would normally attend to her whim because she’s our boss. Haha.  So this time, she wanted to eat oysters. These oysters are priced at QR 16 per shell! Ridiculously expensive. We downed eight of them and promised to be back for some more.

Taste do change. When I was working in the Philippines, I remember there were eat-all-you-can oysters restaurants in Cebu, they would just charge 150-200php (QR10-20) for an eat-all-you-can meal. And I remember avoiding the oysters table like the plague. Now I wish I hadn’t. I didn’t know then how expensive these babies are this side of the world.

So anyway, these oysters were eaten raw and they were sweet – pungent but sweet. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Oysters in L’wazaar Doha

  1. very nice picture of the oysters there, love! you make me wanna jump on the first ferry to bohol and buy half a sack for 100 pesos fresh from the farm!

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