Best Salads in Doha

In my search for the best salads in town, I have come to share with you all the top 4 places where you can get really good salads and get your green in while eating out.

1. Shakespeare & Co. (Dar Al Salam Mall)



This is probably the best salad I’ve tasted in Doha – Blue Cheese and Pear Salad. All of the ingredients blend wonderfully in this concoction. Walnuts, raisins, cranberries, lettuce, blue cheese, pear, etc. The dressing combined everything and will give you a smooth taste in the mouth. šŸ™‚

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (Al Mana Tower, Al Sadd)

2014-02-13 12.13.15

The smoked salmon and avocado salad is a must try and so far had been the best on my list. The tastes all come together and for those who have no fish allergies, this salad could be heaven (at least for me, it was). You can also try their nicoise salad with tuna and egg, I loved the taste of that as well.

3. Spicy Pickle (The Gate Mall, West Bay)


Their spinach salad (with walnuts and cheeses and lots of spinach) is a refreshing choice. It fills the stomach and you’ll feel good afterwards. E and I loved eating this during our overtime shifts. Our office is quite near the area.

4. MB Co (The Gate Mall, West Bay)


Presentation wise, the caprese salad E ordered would have been pretty on point. What it lacks in leaves (which E was quite disappointed about), it more than makes up for the presentation. Lol. The cheese is soft and chewy and the tomatoes are quite good.

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