Outback Steakhouse – Doha

After four hours of walking, E & I decided to eat at the outback steakhouse. It was my first time and I was sort of expecting it to be another applebees or tgif sort of restaurant. The prices were around the same range, but the food exceeded my expectations. I was still full from the late lunch we had with Cebu peeps, but I couldn’t help getting a couple of bites out of the ribeye E and I shared. Β It was just a beautiful piece of steak, good for sharing. The steak was huge, and we ordered medium-well consistency –it was perfect. The meat was soft and juicy and full of flavor. We ended the meal with a chocolate thunder (hot brownie topped with cold vanilla ice cream). Value for money: 5 stars. πŸ™‚ Outback steakhouse is located at the lagoona mall, west bay.

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Roasted Pig (Lechon) – Pinoy Style in Doha


My housemate, who is forever skinny and sexy even if she indulges in these kind of cholesterol laden treats, posted a video from youtube on how to make lechon and persuaded us to try this at home. We ate this during the national day.

As everyone knows, in qatar, it is very unlikely for you to be able to find anybody who’d sell pork stuff outside of the authorized Qatar Distribution Center and you need to have a license to be able to buy liquor and pork. So if you’re craving for some home-cooked pork recipe, you have to make it yourself or you have to have a housemate who can cook (in which case, I have one or two housemates / friend who can), haha.

Lechon, or roasted pork, is very much the “it” food from where I came from -Cebu! I could list a number of really good restaurants or made-to-order lechon there and still, that list would not be enough to satisfy any craving one might have. For me, the best lechon is one where the meat completely melts in your mouth, the skin is crispy and there is no actual need for a sauce to dip it in (soy sauce, vinegar or mang tomas).

The lechon my housemates cooked was delicious, tastes almost like home. Spicy, tender and crispy all in one.

We’d be having this again come Christmas time. πŸ™‚

Qatar National Day 2013

December 18. A parade sans colorful costumes or street dancers like in Sinulog or beautiful diva headdresses in gay pride mardigras (I miss those festivals quite dearly). Finally, woke up just in time for the air show. You can’t see as much from the photos here but those were hell riders in parachutes shooting maroon and white fumes in the sky, then there were jets flying in goose v formation. Charlie and I were too far from the back to even see the water show or the colored porsches and ferraris at the event.

How many colors of camouflage uniforms can the Doha military batallion have? Apparently, whatever your answer is, that will never be enough. From where I was standing though, those brown and sea blue tanks and speedboats were massive and awesome. Sge, Qatar, ikaw na. πŸ™‚